Your Teachers are Everywhere

14724347_1743565899227206_941253940771483684_nMs. Yamese¬†changed my heart and helped pull me through the unhappiest days of my last corporate job, and I got to thank her today. I used to go to lunch at Wendy’s in Mt Pleasant, SC a lot in the summer and fall of 2014, not for the food, but to witness Ms. Yamese’s positive attitude and true spirit of Service and Love as she greeted customers and took care of us during lunch. She welcomes every person with an amazing spirit, and she does it because she LOVES her job. She told me once, “Honey, I don’t have to work here. I got a good man with a good job, and he takes care of me. I work here because I love it!” And she REALLY does. She is living her calling, which is so much bigger than what she does to earn a living. She spreads Divine Love to everyone she meets, and she lives through that calling with grace. She truly helped change my life. Watching and listening to her stripped away layers of jaded cynicism and unhappiness that were completely contrary to my true nature, which had acted as an emotional barrier between me and what I was doing to get through life.¬†She gave me hope that I could change my career and follow my heart and gut to MY calling. She showed me that we can find fulfillment and joy in our work, and that even the smallest gestures of kindness have the power to change someone’s outlook on life.

Our teachers are EVERYWHERE. Never underestimate the power of the Universe to introduce you to your great life teachers.

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