21st Century Priestesshood at Bliss Spiritual Co-op


Join me on the 2nd Monday evening of each month at Bliss Spiritual Co-op, in Mt. Pleasant, SC, for a magical conversation about 21st Century Priestesshood. Topics will change monthly, so you can join us at any time, without fear of coming in “too late.” The workshop is priceless – this is my seva. However, your generous donations to the efforts of Bliss Spiritual Co-op are encouraged and appreciated.

Upcoming dates:

Monday, December 10, 2018  7:00 PM

Investment: Donation to Bliss Spiritual Co-op


21st Century Priestess Training

Are you Ready?

Are you ready to change in ways that feel organic to YOU, authentic to your Soul and heart?

Are you Ready? Are you ready to listen to your own Knowing, and to follow where that leads you?

Are you Ready? Are you ready to embrace your own sovereignty, to heal yourself and to lift up others, to wear the mantle of the 21st Century Priestess that you are?

I’m Ready – ready to teach women how to tune in to their Inner Sophia – their own Wisdom – and to use what they learn to build the Sacred Temple of their own lives.

This is 21st Century Priestess training. I’m inviting you to rise – to healing, to Grace, to service. If this is for you, you’ll KNOW it. You feel it in your whole body as you read these words.

If you feel it, Sister, don’t ignore it.

It’s time to Rise.

I’m opening the door to applications to be one of the women that I teach and coach through this training.

What does this training look like?

This is an exploration of your Soul space over the course of 3 months.

Every other week, we will sit together for 90 minutes – physically in Charleston, SC, or virtually from anywhere in the world – and we will work together to move the energetic blocks that keep you feeling small, or disempowered, or unseen.

We will tap into the vastness of the Universe’s consciousness together, and we will listen for the guidance to move you further down the path of your chosen life.

We will figure out, together, what is keeping you “stuck” on a Soul level.

Once monthly you will have the opportunity to join other Sisters-in-training in a group video call designed to give you time to learn with each other.

The course will culminate in a half day retreat, 1-1 with me, to consecrate your hands, mind, and heart to the service of your Soul.

We will be using the language and skills associated with the Divine Feminine.

This training is the marriage of life coaching and sacred attunement to your highest nature.

Embrace it, and it can change your whole life.

This is the work that my 26 years of Priestesshood, and all my training as a coach, has prepared me to share with you. Step into your sacred center, your heart, your Soul, and discover the Priestess that you were born to be.

Investment: $997.00 (single payment), or $350.00 per month

Private Reiki Training

By Appointment

Do you prefer to study Reiki one-on-one, rather than in a class? Or do you have a small group of friends who would like to learn in a private class? It’s possible!

Reiki I Class – Single Student

Investment: $250.00

Reiki I Class – Small group (3-person minimum)

Investment: $200.00 per person

Reiki II Class – Single Student

Investment: $350.00

Reiki II Class – Small group (3-person minimum)

Investment: $300.00 per person

Reiki III Class – Master Level is instructed one-on-one only. Students are accepted after an in-depth interview. Are you ready to take the vow of the Reiki Master-Teacher? Email me at to schedule your interview.

Investment: $500.00

Sarah Familar-Ragsdale has been a Reiki Master-Teacher since 2003, and has had the honor and privilege to teach many Reiki I and Reiki II practitioners now in service in Charleston and throughout the country, and Reiki Master-Teachers who continue to share this remarkable healing method with their own clients and Reiki students.


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