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There are so many wonderful things I would love to elaborate on about who Sarah is and what she can offer. But from my personal experience, what I can say is that she personally changed the course of my life. Mid 20’s is a hard age when many people are stuck in the “quarter life crisis”. I was at a crossroad in my life and overwhelmed with my options as which step to take next. Sarah thoughtfully and gently guided me into what truly feels like my calling. After getting a degree and working in a career field that was expected (but not a good fit), she was an endless source of resources, knowledge and intentional advice that assisted me into exploring my options and finding a much better avenue for me. Sarah will always be considered a “cornerstone” in my life due to her invaluable insight, encouragement and objective and nonjudgmental advice. There are truly no words to express how grateful I am to her. Possibly the most glowing, loving and caring person I have ever had the honor of interacting with. No matter where you are in life, I wholeheartedly believe that she can help guide you to your next, best self. – Elizabeth Stone, Charleston, SC


Sarah was a lifesaver. She brought hope, purpose and light back into my life during a dark and confusing time. I found Sarah’s methods much more beneficial than traditional therapy in that the focus was more on the here and now and mapping a way to move forward. So much more proactive and effective than rehashing the past. I feel I’ve been given a new perspective on life. I absolutely recommend Sarah. – Jennifer T., Charleston, SC


Sarah is an exceptional coach. I sought her help for one challenge in my professional life (specifically, producing at the expense of creating), but what I got was so much more. Her insight and coaching helped in all areas of my life. I am a more relaxed and joyful person at work and home, a better spouse and friend, and a more effective leader because of the work we did together. She has my highest recommendation.  Suzanne W., Mt. Pleasant, SC


Do you have anger issues? Actions and people that have flipped your switch? May I suggest a session with my dear friend and life coach Sarah Familar-Ragsdale as an alternative to prison? She’s less expensive than an attorney, you don’t have to wear orange, and the world will be safer for everyone. Seriously, she’s amazing. – Janet Edens Conover, Easley, SC


Sarah coached me through a very difficult and important life change, and her advice and support were absolutely invaluable. She helped me consider countless logistical details I’d never have thought of on my own, as well as providing a great deal of emotional support and cheerleading. I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough. Matt Dean, Dade City, FL


I did the All In Program with Sarah when I wasn’t sure how to get myself out of the feedback loop of unhappiness in my life. Now I know my goals, have a plan to achieve them that takes into account various roadblocks that are in the way, and I’ve begun to work to get where I want to go. Your happiness is worth every minute of work you put into it, and Sarah can help you get from where you are to wherever you want to go.  – Amanda Holling, Charleston, SC


Dear Sarah,

I wanted to send you this to share with anyone who is contemplating getting life coaching from you.
I sought out your help because I was in a place in my life that had many forks in the road with choices to make and act upon and I needed help in choosing those directions. Although I thought of counseling, I really did not need it. What I needed was a professional who could help me through the process of making decisions that would take me onto the next journey of my life, successfully with positive energy and happiness.
You not only helped me identify the obstacles and conquer challenges, you gave me the skills and tools I desperately needed that guided me to find the answers. You helped me find my core strengths and weaknesses and focus on my self worth to move forward. Your knowledge of this field along with your expertise in bringing other added concepts into my life helped me transition into a world of “goodness”, “enlightenment” and “empowerment”. I will forever be grateful to you Sarah. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. – Kathie Livingston, Awendaw, SC


My time with Sarah is reminiscent to getting a meal or a book. The act of giving one says, “I want you to be sustained, to be nourished, and to live,” and the other is “I want you to be learned, to expect more of yourself, and to not be lonely.” I experience both of these sensations when I’m with Sarah. And I hope you do too. – Lauren Hagenmeyer, Charleston, SC


Love Sarah❣She is helping me open to my full potential as a woman and a business professional❣Thank you Sarah❣  – Jenifer Mahanes, Folly Beach, SC


If you are trying to find clarity within your vision, if you are not happy with your current job or relationship with your Self or with others, if you need someone to help you see your way towards your dreams or away from the same old repeating circumstances, if you just simply need to be supported through a transition or help navigating through some deep emotional waters, if you want guidance in transforming and uplifting your career or answering what you feel is your Soul calling Sarah Familar-Ragsdale can help you! I have personally worked with Sarah and I can tell you honestly that her well rounded life experience, compassion, her ability to bluntly say hard truths that need to be heard with kindness and care, her life long dedication to her Spiritual practices and learning, her ability to Listen and Hear without judgment, her passion for uplifting others and her ability to Be and Express Pure Love are but a few of This Woman’s Amazing gifts! If you are at a crossroads or if you need help facilitating Change with in your Life and/or your Heart do your Self a favor and reach out to Sarah with Elemental Life Coaching! – Lindsay Johnson, Charleston, SC


Sarah is an amazing listener and really gets to the heart of the issues. She inspires me to reach for what I want and helps me find a solid path to get there. She is a warrior! – Angela Morgane, North Charleston, SC


Sarah has always been a solid rock upon whom I can rest, a clear channel sounding board with whom I can share my deepest desires and concerns about the “hows” and “whys,” a connected spiritual teacher to whom I can turn for recommended readings, rituals and references, and a vivaciously honest truth-seeker who wants only the best for me – no matter what that is. If she doesn’t know the answer to something, she will find out who does. Her teachings are a culmination of experience and a devotion to bringing the Divine into this human world. Her Path is straight-forward and her abilities to direct others is a rare gift. As a mentor, teacher, healer, her worth is absolutely incomparable. – Angela Sumner, Citizen of the World

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