Life Is The Journey, Not the Destination

Did you rush through this morning? Do you remember making eye contact with anyone – even, and especially, your family – before you forced that smile onto your face for your 8:30 am meeting? Are you planning to shovel lunch into your mouth at your desk?

Are you tired, just thinking about what you have to do after work?

Are you wishing away the days, the months, until your next long weekend? (And do you already have that entire weekend planned, full of errands and tasks to check off of your to-do list?)

It’s no news that many of us are on survival-mode autopilot, just to get  through most of our day.

Our bodies know it, too. Stress makes our shoulders touch our ears, indigestion from bad, hurried meals and anxiety, and injuries from desk posture or one too many heavy loads are all too common.

I’m going to ask you to take a deep breath right now. And another one. Ok, one more.

Check in with yourself. Are you EXHAUSTED? Drained, emotionally, physically, and spiritually?

The solution? Plug back IN.

Before that makes your shoulders tight again, hear me out.

Living mindfully – being present – is actually a great stress reducer. Taking a few deep breaths when you feel your heart racing, or your whole spirit saying “NO!” will bring you back to the moment, and help you see what’s REALLY going on.

Are you over-scheduled? Or does stress (and the dread of it) make you put off things so that you don’t have to deal with them – until you DO have to deal with them?

Seeing things for what they are allows you to then make changes and choices. You can choose to delegate tasks, take 15 extra minutes to chew – and taste – every bite of your lunch salad, to walk away from situations rather than reacting to them.

Here’s the thing – when you’re on autopilot, you’re missing your life.

Let me say it again. YOU ARE MISSING YOUR LIFE.

The whole point of life is to live it. If you’re choosing to miss hunks of it, to disconnect from situations or other people, you’re missing the glorious point.

You’re doing all the stuff that you do – to work, take care of home and family, and contribute to your community – in order to live a happy life.

If your concept of “happy life” is in a Someday time table that involves “When I graduate/get that promotion/have the kids/get the kids out of the house/retire, then you’re missing the gorgeous moments of falling in love with a poem, or a writer, or an Idea in your senior year/the satisfaction of sitting back from your desk and seeing all the good things you did today/enjoying the time that you and your honey have before the kids come/all the sweet and tender moments of parenthood/and all the other wonderful, engaged LIFE  leading up to the proverbial gold watch and retirement party.

The Point of Life is to Live It.

Choose to live it at full volume, High Def splendor.

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