Let Me Introduce You To The Secret To Your Success

Let me introduce you to Open to Accountability Coaching.

Maybe you’re already done the work to dive deep into the reasons you’ve been “stuck” in the past during traditional coaching sessions, and you’re ready to take the next big steps to make your goals and dreams a living reality.

Maybe you’ve always known exactly what you want to do, and you know exactly what stops you from getting started with your dream project, but you just can’t get going with it.

My friend, now is the time for an Accountability Partner.

You need someone to listen to your ideas, and help you make a real plan with measurable, attainable mini-goals that will move you steadily toward the proverbial finish line with that project or dream.

Someone who will check in, ask for proof of your work, and walk you through the process when you feel like you’re stuck, or when you want to give up.

Someone who is invested in your goal and wants to see you succeed.

Someone who will hold you accountable to the promises that you made to yourself.


So who is Open to Accountability Coaching for?

* People with a firm goal in mind. If you know what you want to accomplish, and maybe even have a deadline, but you have no idea where to start and how to plan your goal route, Open to Accountability Coaching is PERFECT for you. We will go step-by-step through the process, consistently moving you toward your goal.

* Procrastinators. If you’ve been putting your goals off until Someday, here’s your wake-up call. TODAY is the only Someday you’re guaranteed. It’s time to get up and actually DO something with your dreams.

* You’re on a deadline. There’s no doubt about it, Accountability throughout a process, and not just the knowledge of a looming deadline, makes the task at hand easier because you’ll be more focused, with a firm plan. That focus can even lead to finishing BEFORE the deadline. Now, wouldn’t that feel better than racing to get it done just in time?

* Graduates of my Elemental Life Coaching program. If we’ve done the deep work together, and you have a new goal, or want to continue working on a goal that we tackled together during your regular sessions, and you want the benefit of Accountability and feedback as you move forward, this is for YOU.


So what do you get with Open to Accountability Coaching?

* One monthly 30-minute phone or Skype session to plan the next four weeks of action. At the end of the call, you’ll have an Action Plan that details the goal-posts for the month, and what steps to take to reach them.

* Weekly email check-ins. Each week, you’ll send me a Progress Report, with details about what you’ve accomplished that week. I will reply with tips on how to make things easier, run more smoothly, resources you may not have considered, or to give you a “Heck yeah! Great job! Keep going!” We will go over your metrics – what you have accomplished, and compare it to our Action Plan. We will make sure that you’re on target, ready to meet the challenges of the next week.

* Once weekly text exchange. Consider this your friendly “So, how’s it going?” When you need a nudge, or a cheerleading moment, or a bit of help figuring out a snarly bit in your weekly plan, you can either reach out to me via text or FB Messenger.


You Probably Have Some Questions.
Let me go ahead and answer the most common ones.

* What kind of goals do you help people achieve?
I’ve helped entrepreneurs launch new businesses or plan for retirement. I often work with Creatives, to plan their next book or to prepare for art shows. I help clients who are overwhelmed by their schedules, their STUFF, their plans, who just need someone to sit them down to help prioritize everything in their lives. I help adult students stay on track (whether you’re formally being educated, or you’re a life-long learner like me, who wants to be more focused in a particular course of study.)* I help people with major life moves – across the world, from one career path to another. I help clients figure out the big stuff by working out the minute details. I help move overwhelm and feeling stuck, so that you can go do what you’ve been dreaming of doing.

How long will it take for me to reach my goal?
Well, that of course depends on YOU and your goal, but, on average, I will work with a client on a specific, measured project for a minimum of three months.

* Does this mean that you’re not going to be offering in-depth coaching anymore?
On the contrary! I will still welcome clients for the life-shifting, Soul-deep coaching that I’ve always offered. Open to Accountability Coaching is a natural extension of that service. The full-life coaching process isn’t the appropriate course for everyone, every time, but if you’re breathing and you have a specific goal, Open to Accountability Coaching is built for you.

* Do you have testimonials?
Absolutely! Here’s one of my favorites:

“I sought out your help because I was in a place in my life that had many forks in the road with choices to make and act upon and I needed help in choosing those directions. Although I thought of counseling, I really did not need it. What I needed was a professional who could help me through the process of making decisions that would take me onto the next journey of my life, successfully with positive energy and happiness.
You not only helped me identify the obstacles and conquer challenges, you gave me the skills and tools I desperately needed that guided me to find the answers. You helped me find my core strengths and weaknesses and focus on my self worth to move forward. Your knowledge of this field along with your expertise in bringing other added concepts into my life helped me transition into a world of “goodness”, “enlightenment” and “empowerment”. I will forever be grateful to you Sarah. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Kathie Livingston, Successful Entrepreneur, Naturalist, and Musician from Awendaw, SC

* How do we get started?
I’ll send you a Goal Assessment Form, free of charge. When you return the form, I’ll review it to see if Open to Accountability Coaching is the right fit for you. If it is, we’ll set up your first monthly call and jump right in!

* Is there a guarantee?
While I am your mentor, guide, coach, and sometimes ass-kicker, YOU are doing the work. Your success is up to you, but I’ll be right there, giving you all kinds of motivation to keep you going.


Investment: $200.00 per month (yep, that’s just **$50.00 per week!)

** To put that in perspective, that investment is equal to the savings you’ll gain from a commitment to bring your lunch to work every day rather than going out for fast food, or skipping the daily Starbuck’s run. Isn’t your goal worth it?


There are FOUR Open to Accountability Coaching slots available for January 2018. I work with a small number of clients in order to offer the greatest amount of attention and investment of time in YOU. If you’re interested, reach out TODAY. Anticipated wait lists will likely be 3-6 months long. Haven’t you waited long enough?

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