Is It True?


How comfortable are you with being UNcomfortable?

When was the last time that you sat down and listened, really listened, to what your Inner Critic had to say to you?

It’s normal to want to drown out the noise of our constant companion, that voice that is always saying that we aren’t good enough, strong enough, talented enough, smart enough, WORTHY enough, to do or achieve what we want.

Maybe what you want to forget about is from someone else. Someone else’s opinions, voiced or projected so loudly through their actions that you get the message loud and clear – THEY don’t think that you’re good enough, either.

Very often, the women that I work with have spent years trying to live with those voices, inner and outer, and they have done everything that they can to drown out them out.

They have worked to prove the voices wrong. They have achieved goals, earned praise, gone for every accolade and imaginable achievement. They have earned degrees, climbed corporate ladders, founded their own businesses, chaired civil organizations and built healthy bank accounts, and at the end of the day, they still hear “You aren’t doing enough. Is that all you can do? Pathetic.”

Or, sometimes, they have sabotaged every good thing that came into their lives – relationships, jobs, opportunities. They have flunked out of school, been fired (and fired again), and ended relationship after relationship. Projects and dreams have been abandoned, and eventually, new ones stopped coming.  The constant drone of “See? You’ll always fail. You’ll always be alone. Who are YOU to do something like that?” takes a toll.

When they make it into the chair across from me, my clients have tried just about everything, except for the technique that I use with them to finally turn down the volume on all that judgement.

In order to have control of the internal noise level for good, we turn UP the volume.

We sit down with it, and we ask a crucial question – Is it True?

Is it True that you don’t have talent?

Is it True that you aren’t smart?

Is it True that you aren’t strong?

Is it True that you aren’t Worthy?

If it’s really True, what’s your proof?

Now, is THAT True?

We take control of the narrative.


Of course this is incredibly uncomfortable. No one wants to do this part. It is natural to want to avoid confronting a bully (and make no mistake – those voices, in your head or from others – are  a powerful bully).

You don’t have to take it anymore. You don’t have to live with those opinions forever.  Listening to them now, with someone to witness you and show you the truth about yourself, and then choosing to challenge them – THAT is power.

To get to that point, you have to be willing to hear the judgements, feel the feelings, and question why that looped recording started to play in your psyche in the first place.

Believe that it’s possible that you ARE talented, and smart, and strong, and worthy.

Because you are.

You are Worthy of this. You deserve this. You can set yourself free, and move forward into whatever life you choose to build for yourself. I promise you – it’s all possible.

Are you ready?


I’m currently accepting applications to work with me, one-on-one. Email me at, and let’s talk about what you’re ready to let go of, and what you want for yourself. 

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