Change wanted? Inquire Within – Gratitude

Hello Bright, Beautiful Souls!

How do you start your day?

In spite of years of meditative practice, when I had a jobby-job, I started my day with a frenzy, and felt uncentered, resentful – I am NOT a morning person – and sometimes, a little angry.

For years, (perhaps, like you), I started running into my day before my feet ever hit the floor. I rolled over to check email on my phone. My mind was already racing ahead to everything I had to accomplish that day. My stomach already felt like a stone was in it, full of dread, and often, fear (of failure, of not measuring up, of not reaching goals, of disappointing myself and others, of not making enough money to pay all the bills, of the roof leaking, of being stuck in traffic, and, most terrifying of all, of living my whole life without really LIVING it.)

My life started to change when, after feeling physically ill  every morning for weeks, I decided that I had to begin my day in a different way. Living with all of this fear wasn’t working; fear was literally making me sick. I was less productive than I wanted to be throughout the day, and I always felt tired. My heart wasn’t in anything that I did, I didn’t enjoy my work, and I was worried that I would spend my life in survival mode. Something had to change.

I turned to Gratitude.

Every morning, right after I reach consciousness, I start the list of the Things I’m Grateful For Today. More often than not, I do this before I open my eyes, and it helps me to “see the world right” once my feet hit the floor. As a result, I flow through my day with more joy, more awareness of the Good Stuff, and a better handle on stress when those challenging days pop up.

Need an example of the kinds of things that might pop up on your list (you know, just to get you started)? Here’s my list from this morning:

  • I woke up holding hands with the person I love most in the world.
  • I was in a cool bedroom with working A/C. (Today’s high is forecast for 99 degrees, here in Charleston, SC.)
  • I have a loyal and loving dog waiting at the top of the stairs for me, where she has been all night, because she loves me so.
  • I have coffee, a true luxury for me, waiting to be brewed.
  • I have purpose to my day, that comes from my heart – to be of service to others.
  • I have many people who love me and care about my happiness. I have many people that I love, and I care about their happiness.
  • I have the opportunity to work with AMAZING, brave clients who are ready to change and to build their lives THEIR way.
  • I have an inspirational book (“Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives” by Gretchen Rubin) to read today, that I truly believe may help shape the way that I coach from now on.
  • I have a career that I love.
  • I have a spiritual calling and practice that truly feeds my heart and calms my mind, and that is connected with the work I do in the world.
  • I am connected to the Divine, and feel Her with me and within me.
  • I am inspired.
  • I have the luxury of time to dream, plan, and work on manifesting my goals for my personal life and for my business.
  • And, except for writing, today is my day OFF. (When you’re your own Boss, you get to call the shots on your day off 98% of the time.)

What are you grateful for today? Don’t wait until tomorrow morning to start! Take a moment now to take a deep breath, close your eyes, and let your mind wander over the blessings you have already enjoyed in your day. What’s GOOD in your life?

I would love to hear from you! What are you Grateful for?


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