Can You Feel the Love?


I count my lucky stars every single day, because I have been living my life – my SOUL – purpose, for four years now, as a full-time Personal Empowerment Coach and mentor. It’s magical, in all the best ways. Every day is sweet, but days when I get two beautiful testimonials from recent coaching program graduates (who are ROCKIN’ their empowered lives and achieving amazing things) – well, it’s a REALLY good day.

Here’s what Jennifer had to say:

“Sarah was a lifesaver. She brought hope, purpose and light back into my life during a dark and confusing time. I found Sarah’s methods much more beneficial than traditional therapy in that the focus was more on the here and now and mapping a way to move forward. So much more proactive and effective than rehashing the past. I feel I’ve been given a new perspective on life. I absolutely recommend Sarah.” – Jen T., Charleston, SC

LUMINOUS. She is the Full Moon in all her splendor, y’all.

This is what Elizabeth had to share:

“There are so many wonderful things I would love to elaborate on about who Sarah is and what she can offer. But from my personal experience, what I can say is that she personally changed the course of my life. Mid 20’s is a hard age when many people are stuck in the “quarter life crisis”. I was at a crossroad in my life and overwhelmed with my options as which step to take next. Sarah thoughtfully and gently guided me into what truly feels like my calling. After getting a degree and working in a career field that was expected (but not a good fit), she was an endless source of resources, knowledge and intentional advice that assisted me into exploring my options and finding a much better avenue for me. Sarah will always be considered a “cornerstone” in my life due to her invaluable insight, encouragement and objective and nonjudgmental advice. There are truly no words to express how grateful I am to her. Possibly the most glowing, loving and caring person I have ever had the honor of interacting with. No matter where you are in life, I wholeheartedly believe that she can help guide you to your next, best self.” – Elizabeth Stone, Charleston, SC

Elizabeth is launching an amazing business, Charleston Unbound. She’s officially taking clients on adventures in the Charleston area later this spring, but you can follow her on Instagram now  to see what she’s up to right here. Adventure with Elizabeth! So. Much. FUN!

I’m going to bed with gratitude in my heart, and inspired by what these ladies, and all the others I have worked with, have, and will, achieve.

If this isn’t a great life purpose, I don’t know what is.

We can all help save the world. Find your passion and purpose. Live it. Inspire others, and help them when you can.

Sending so much LOVE out to you tonight. May you be inspired. May you be courageous. May you be ready to be true to yourself, and go for it with all the passion in your Soul. May you live your life, your whole life, every day of your life. So be it. <3

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