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Hello Beautiful Soul!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself, and to tell you why I do what I do, and how that work can affect your life.

In addition to being a Certified Professional Coach, I’m also a Reiki Master-Teacher, writer, speaker, teacher and Priestess. I have created and led workshops on meditation, energetic healing, and Earth-based spirituality, and have had the great pleasure to lead hundreds of people through life affirming, and life changing, rituals. As co-creator of the 81 Goddesses devotion, I have chanted the sacred names of the Divine Feminine for participants in the Southeastern United States, and shared the devotion via recording with women and men throughout the world.

I create opportunities for sustainable growth – mentally, emotionally, and spiritually – by listening to the needs and desires of the people I work with in order to design a program that will effect the greatest change.

I know the demands of the life that you’re living – how much of a struggle it can be to juggle a successful and meaningful professional life with the needs of your family, your desire to have a fun social life, and your quest for a deep spiritual practice. Our coaching sessions will offer a chance to work all of that out, in a 90 minute, once a week time frame. I give you homework that won’t overwhelm you with a massive addition to your already crowded to-do list. Instead, that homework can be completed in a few minutes a day, and will lead you into achieving your goals.

My intention is to help you see that creating the life that you want to live and making positive changes to do so is COMPLETELY DO-ABLE within the bounds of your life situation.

My purpose is to help women achieve their dreams. I will work to help you see what blocks you from success, to help you get “unstuck” from old patterns and thoughts that stand in your way, and to chart a clear path to become the confident, radiant, and LIT UP person that you are meant to be. We will work together in an affirming, supportive process that I design specifically for YOU – there is no cookie cutter program.

Are you ready? Let’s get started!


Telephone: 843.729.3635

E-mail: Sarah@ElementalLifeCoach.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sarah.familar.ragsdale/

Facebook: Facebook.com/ElementalLifeCoach

Coaching Sessions are available by phone, Zoom Video Conferencing, or in-person in Charleston, South Carolina.

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