A Hundred (or more) True Callings

I am a Multipotentialite. A Polymath. A Renaissance Woman.

Maybe you are, too.

When I was in high school, I received a scholarship for photo design, and planned to attend the American College in London to be a fashion designer and photographer. While in London, I planned to pursue my passion for working in the theatre as well.

While juggling jobs during college when I decided to stay in the States, (as a receptionist, a gallery curator in a science museum, a customer service agent for UPS and American Express, and a temp) I couldn’t settle on one major, so I pursued two (and a minor). While studying history, I spent a semester working as a textile collection intern in a history museum, repairing and cataloging a collection after a serious moth infestation. (I literally spent months pulling dead moths out of polyester. But on the upside, I helped save one of Dolley Madison’s dresses and two of her turbans, so it was a win.) I thought that I might eventually pursue a Ph.D so that I could teach history in college. I studied English because I want(ed) to be a writer (in Junior High, I wanted to be a newspaper journalist, and spent a year shadowing local journalists once a month.) I studied Religion because I’ve always been fascinated by faith (mine, and that of everyone I meet), and I felt a call to service and ministry.
When I moved to Charleston, I did so to become a tour guide, and owned a high-end tour company, specializing in private, customized tours, for 10 years. I passed the incredibly difficult tourism exam with a 98 on the first try – without having ever held a temporary license with another company. That background in history, english, and religious studies really came in handy, with that accomplishment.
Yes, I’ve met and offered tours to famous people, and crazy rich ones, and never felt uncomfortable because my Mama made sure that I am comfortable in every social situation, with all sorts of people. From movie stars, pop icons, and star athletes to Senators, First Lady-Wannabes, and learned statesmen – I’ve worked with them, worked FOR them, wined and dined with them, and sat on a hotel room floor drinking beer with a few of them.

I come from humble farmer stock, so I can talk country poor or city rich, and every other dialect of Human. (Thanks, Mama, for making sure that I had the vocabulary for both.)
I was a primary resource for “Very Charleston,” a lovely little book created by a watercolorist and writer working with Algonquin Books. I’ve worked and volunteered for the Preservation Society of Charleston, volunteered for Historic Charleston Foundation and the SC Historical Society (using my museum internship skills to catalog egg receipts from the plantation that eventually became Charlestowne Landing – oh, the glamour!)
I was a tour guide at the Calhoun Mansion, in charge of the VIP tours, and acted as a site liaison for filming scenes of “The Notebook.”
I was a concierge for a company that owns 4 and 5 star inns, and I trained fellow concierges to become experts in all that our city has to offer. I know EXACTLY where you should go for a casual dinner, a family reunion lunch, or to propose to your girlfriend.

I can put together a beautiful gift basket, on any budget, in 15 minutes with one visit to Harris Teeter.
I have co-founded and acted as Priestess for a spiritual community with over 160 members, and co-created a devotional meditation that is being chanted around the world. I co-owned and co-managed a metaphysical book and gift store. I am a Reiki Master-Teacher, with hundreds of students who are now training their own students, or running their own Reiki practices, or simply providing healing to themselves and those they love. I can chant in Sanskrit, and passably lead a traditional kirtan. I can discuss the philosophical differences between different yogic traditions, or talk for hours about 19th century Spiritualism and the rise of modern mysticism.  I know my spirit animal, and I can help you find yours.
I worked for the SC Aquarium, and not only doubled our consignment and corporate sales clients during the worst economic downturn in recent memory, but also became an advocate for saving sea turtles and being better world citizens by making conscious decisions about consumption and the discard of our resources. I connected with local, regional, national and international clients, and helped manage the talents of a diverse team. I learned how to hire well, and how to treat employees with respect.

I’ve written business plans and budgets, and stuck to both. I understand how non-profits AND for-profit businesses work. I’ve written successful grant proposals, and done freelance research for save-the-world lobbyists.
I’ve been a Board Member for spiritual and professional organizations.
I have been a corporate team building planner, working with clients to create unique multi-day retreats full of business AND fun (and managed every single aspect of those retreats – even once writing a treasure hunt in RHYME, planting clues all over the city with less than 12 hours notice.)
I officiate weddings, specializing in non-traditional, customized ceremonies that truly reflect the couple and their beliefs. I’ve worked with couples for months to create their dream ceremony, and also been summoned from my office to officiate for a couple who had their officiant cancel on them AFTER they were in their dress and suit, creating a ceremony, off the cuff, that made all of us cry.
I have been a catering professional, and I can plan a small meeting for 4 people or a formal wedding for 300. I can assemble wedding cakes, fix floral arrangements, cook, plate, serve, and clear; intelligently suggest wines and create signature cocktails, open a champagne bottle with no fizz or flying corks, repair wedding dresses, fold napkins into a variety of shapes, manage and direct a large service team AND sell the event. Yes – I can sell it, design it, cook it, set it up, serve it, and tear it down.
I am a great listener. I innately know how to target and help hone the talents of others. I have empathy for the people who have worked for me – I’ve done their jobs. I can write resumes and cover letters that get people hired.
I am an artist (I can do all the calligraphy for your event, freehand, quickly and beautifully.) I can also sell your art, and I can discuss how it compares to contemporary and classical artists. I played violin for 9 years. I can discuss classical and modern music, and give you the ideal selection for any occasion.
I’m a poet, and a confident speaker. I don’t have a problem rising to speak about a variety of topics with no notice, when the planned speaker bails. I can pray or lead devotion for a great many spiritual traditions. I’ve guest lectured religion classes at the College of Charleston (finally got to live that Professor dream!) I’ve been a co-host of a radio show.
I have friends in all kinds of professions and of all kinds of backgrounds because of all of these experiences.
I’m a Life Coach, because I’m a Multipotentialite, and I know what it feels like to constantly answer the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
I know what it feels like, to worry that you can’t commit to something because you get bored easily, and to have your family worry about the same thing.
I’m a Life Coach, because I get to use so many of my passions to help a wide range of clients who need someone who can speak their language.
I’m a Life Coach, because I understand that being a Multipotentialite (or Polymath, or Renaissance man or woman) is a GIFT, and it’s reward is to have so much to share, and so much in common, with a great many people.
I have a rich, wonderful life. Being a Multipotentialite is freaking awesome.
You can be whatever you want to be, or change your mind. You can set more than one goal at a time. You can BE who you are, without conforming to a single box for the rest of your life.
I can help you get clear on what you want to do, and why, and the best way to get there. I’ve been where you are, and I know that it’s scary, but also, really, really exciting.
Let’s talk about YOUR history, YOUR talents, and YOUR dreams.
What do you want to be when you grow up – TODAY?

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