Today Is A Day to Awaken


I see my life as an unfolding set of opportunities to Awaken.

When I’m afraid, when I’m in doubt, when I’m laughing and dancing, when I’m bored in traffic, when I’m walking the dog or washing the dishes or planning my day, or working with one of my beautiful, brave clients – I try to remember that every action, every thought, is a new opportunity to choose to live differently than I have in the past. In every moment, I can choose to reset my programming, to become aware of what fear and doubt and frustration and happiness and fulfillment and anger and contentment and hope are doing to my soul, and to my body.

Every moment offers a new start, a new chance to Awaken to the truth, which is that I am, and you are, a spark of God.

(If you’re not comfortable with that word, replace it with whatever feels good. “Big Bang” works just as well, to describe that energy that created all of this. Go with what feels right to you.)

Our Ego manifests all kinds of roadblocks to living in that awareness. Doubt is a big block, as are a sense of unworthiness, or the fear that other people will think that we’re selfish because we prioritize our own self care.

In those cases, our Ego is a liar.

Your fear, your ego, your doubt, may be telling you that Now is not the time for you to set goals, to take a chance, to take time for yourself. After all, it’s the holiday season, and we’re programmed with the idea that we should put everyone else before ourselves – that we should be last on our priority list.

We think that we can pick up self-care in January, when we join a gym or start a diet or any number of Resolutions that we feel like we should pick up because it’s the beginning of another year.

How’s that feeling for you? I’ll bet you’re tired, stressed, run down – maybe even depressed.

In order to take care of others, we have to fill ourselves up. We have to remember that we have the choice, the opportunity, to Awaken, in any given moment.

We can step back to get some clarity on what’s really going on, on why we feel the way that we feel, on why we have chosen to ride along on auto-pilot rather than to direct the course of our own life.

Today is a day to Awaken. This moment is a fantastic time to do it. Yes, even right now, when your holiday to-do list is out of control and your stress level is through the roof.


You can do it. I believe in you. I’ve got your back. Open your eyes and your heart. Make a choice to see things with clarity, and then make a choice for Freedom, for Joy, for the happiness aligned with living a life in tune with your big Why-You’re-Here. I know it’s scary, but I promise, the benefits on the other side are so worth it.

Come on. Wake up.

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