I really love doing two things – helping people find their true life path, and helping them marry the person that they love!

True love is elemental, and your Charleston wedding should be too! I help couples create ceremonies that perfectly reflect a relationship based in friendship, commitment, laughter, joy, and passion. Whether you dream of a sunset exchange of vows along the High Battery or on the beach, just the two of you, or a formal, traditional ceremony with all of your family and friends, your vows and your experience during the ceremony will be meaningful and memorable.

My specialty is the creation of customized, non-traditional, spiritual wedding ceremonies. If you consider yourself religious, I will work within the traditions of your spiritual path. If you prefer to leave religion out of the ceremony, we can do that too. Over the years it has been my pleasure to meet and officiate for couples from all walks of life, from all creeds and customs, and in every expression of love and family. This is your wedding, and your day. This is your ceremony, and these are your promises to each other. I get to be there to help you. I can tell you, after 12 years of getting to stand with a couple as they cross the threshold from engaged to married – this process is magical. I love what I do. I’m honored to be with you.

You’re going to love this part. And I will be with you, reminding you what to say and where to go, every step of the way.

All couples, all beliefs, all expressions of love and devotion are welcome. I’ve proudly been celebrating same-sex commitment ceremonies for years, and I was honored to officiate my first legal LGBT wedding within 24 hours of legal marriage in Charleston, South Carolina.

I often assist couples of different faiths blend a ceremony that honors both spiritual paths. It’s all about your commitment to each other. Love is love, and we’re gonna celebrate it!


Here are some kind words from some of the couples I have had the good fortune to officiate for over the years:

 Wheeler 2

 We felt an instant connection the day we met Sarah. Sarah had a genuineness about her that made us comfortable and relaxed immediately. She listened carefully to our story, details and concerns for something special. She made thoughtful and unique recommendations, and was excited to assist us shape our special day, together. It was evident, from the twinkle in her eye, that she had and has a passion for conducting ceremonies. When we asked her why she liked officiating weddings, she responded simply, “I love so much, to see the happiness surrounding the couple at the moment I pronounce them husband and wife.” I think we both wanted to hug her at that moment and we knew she was the one to make this day the best it could be.   – Chris and Kristina Wheeler



KC and Rachel

Sarah was a wonderful officiant at our wedding in 2007.  She was wonderfully creative in helping us create the perfect wedding for us — a combination of belief systems.  We had a traditional handfasting and also included sacred songs and a Bible reading.  Sarah’s heartfelt words helped make it the best day of my life.  She kept me calm and peaceful throughout the planning process, and her Reiki eased away my nerves.  Her warm presence made the day nurturing, beautiful, and meaningful.  I highly recommend Sarah, especially if you’d like your ceremony uniquely tailored to you. – Rachel Hazelwood


Mary and Terry



Where does an officiant go when she needs someone to perform her ceremony? Why, to Sarah of course!

It is amazing how much work goes into a ceremony, and Sarah worked with me to make sure that it was as memorable as we could have hoped. Our family and friends were thrilled with the pageantry, as we were. It was truly a day to remember. Mary D.

Sarah is not only family, but one of the most amazing, loving, caring people I know. She performed our ceremony with not only grace & dignity but with a love that we will be forever grateful for! – Terry Roush

Ceremony Options and Pricing

“Just Family and a Few Friends”

• Email,  or 30-minute In-person, Phone, or Skype/FaceTime consultation after the appointment is set
• No rehearsal
• Customize aspects of your choice of a variety of ceremonies supplied at the time of consultation
• I will arrive 40 minutes prior to the ceremony to meet and discuss any necessary details
• Officiant will ensure that all marriage paperwork is properly filed after the ceremony


“Traditional Wedding Day”

• 45 minute In-person, Phone or Skype/FaceTime consultation after the appointment is set
• Customize aspects of your choice of a variety of ceremonies supplied at the time of consultation
• Assistance in choosing appropriate readings/vows
• Advise you on ceremony plan
• 1 hour rehearsal the evening prior to the wedding – other times as available
• I will arrive 40 minutes prior to the ceremony to meet and discuss any necessary details with vendors/planners/couple
• Officiant will ensure that all marriage paperwork is properly filed after the ceremony


Please note:  While I am happy to offer guidance in crafting your ceremony and explaining traditional order-of-ceremony, my services do not cover directing or coordinating the wedding party. Please plan on hiring a day-of wedding coordinator, or appoint a wedding director from your circle of friends or family to be both my point of contact on the day of the wedding, and your guide as you prepare the bridal party to walk down the aisle. This ensures smooth sailing before, during, and after the ceremony, and allows me to keep my full attention on YOU and your vow exchange. If you need suggestions for great professionals to assist you, I have a list of wonderful, energetic, enthusiastic, and detail-oriented planners and coordinators in the Charleston area that I would be happy to provide.

Please call (843) 729.3635, or email Sarah@LiveTheElements.com to discuss your ceremony.

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