The Things I Know For Sure – New Year’s 2018 Edition


I don’t know everything – not by a stretch. Not for miles and miles. But there are a few things that I know, for sure.

Even on gray days, on hard days, on days when anxiety wakes you from a sound sleep at 3 AM and won’t let you go, there’s a reason to get out of bed. That reason may be small – a whisper, a shadow – but it’s there. The quest to find it is even a reason to get up.

There is grace in everything, especially the hard stuff, the dark stuff. I’m grateful, every day, for the bad things that have happened to me. They have shaped me, as surely as my happiness. Those things allow me to sit with my clients every day and say, #metoo. You’re not alone. Even in the darkness. Especially in the darkness.

Introspective days, searching days, contemplative days, are my favorite luxury. They are my re-fueling stop. They are the most necessary part of my self care. I could not survive without the gray days, the dusty book and journal days, the no-makeup days, the raw days, the days when I don’t want to be seen, but yearn to be Known.

I know that I’m here for you, and I’m here for me. To teach, and be taught. To witness, and be witnessed. To love, and be loved.

I know that I have hope for tomorrow. And next year. And for this moment, and the next. I have faith – in the Divine, in you, and in myself. And I feel the promise of all that is to come – the challenging days, and in the good things coming.

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