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You want to wake up every morning, energized and excited about the day ahead. 

You want to confidently make choices for your career, your relationships, your money, and your creativity that are right for YOU and make you feel empowered and free.

You want to live a life that is perfectly aligned with your Soul’s true calling.


You want to be free of the rule of your “To Do” list. Embrace the “I Get To Do” List!

You want to find your Tribe – the people who will support you, hold you up, send you business and celebrate your achievements.

You want more Joy. More dancing. More spontaneity. More inspiration. More Love.


You want deeper connection with the people in your life – better communication, greater empathy and compassion, and lasting, meaningful, positive growth in your relationships.

You want to connect with the Divine Spark – however you see it – and know that you’re living the life that you were put on Earth to live.


Want to know about the people I work with?

They want a richer, wide-open-feeling life. They want to check off every single item on their Bucket List, and then create a whole new Bucket List.

They know that Self Care is the only way that they can truly be of service to themselves, and others. And speaking of being of service – they believe in creating positive change in the world, and they come to coaching to learn how to refill their own energetic cup.

They are Achievers and Doers who are ready to make the dreams that they’ve put on the Someday Shelf reality.

They are done with allowing someone else’s definition of Success to box them in. They are ready to write their own playbook, their own life itinerary.

They are ready to move the blocks that stand between where they are now, and where they want to be in six months, next year, in five years. They want to look back on their lives, at the end, and say, “I wouldn’t change one thing.”

They don’t want regrets about what they might have done, if only they were younger/richer/smarter/more connected. Screw that! They are ready to live life outside of those limitations. Who set those rules, anyway?

They are ready to take that trip to Venice, or Costa Rica, or Bora Bora. They are ready to start the company that will make them their first million dollars. They are ready to write the book or put paint to canvas or audition for their dream part in a movie. They are ready to make peace with their past, to move on from difficult relationships, and to embrace new love, new-found confidence, and self-reliance. They are ready to take up yoga, or found a not-for-profit organization, or join the Board of Directors of an organization that they truly believe in. They are ready to stand in their own power.


They know that there are blocks between where they are now, and where they want to be.

They know that something is missing in their lives, and they want to find it. 

They are ready to do the work – to really look at what got them where they are, and what needs to change to be happier, more fulfilled, more creative, more open, more engaged, more connected, more free.

Being coached is a process, and a commitment. The people who work with me understand that investing in their personal growth is essential in living the way they want to live. They are ready to go all in – to get the most out of the experience, and my expertise – because they are tired of settling for anything less.


So how about it? Does this sound like YOU?


Here’s what you can expect from working with me:

You can expect to be really heard – your fears, doubts, and quiet, secret hopes are all safe with me.

You can expect to be questioned – about your motives and your thought processes, about where you feel resistance, and about what you believe are your limitations.

You can expect to be challenged – to try things that scare you, to do things that will LIGHT YOU UP, to jump and learn to build those wings (either before or after the jump – there are benefits to both methods – and you’ll know what way is best for YOU.)

You can expect to be supported – in mapping out a new life course, or figuring out how to apply for your dream job, or in trying a host of new things that you never expected you could do.

You can expect to be connected – to the resources that you need to learn new skills and new ways of seeing things, to people or organizations that will help move you closer to your goal, to a supportive community, and to the Divine within you. (Yes. You.)

Every person I work with is unique, and so is the coaching process with each of them. One session may involve a lot of talking while I listen, while the next may involve fun activities that will engage your body and mind. Some people get a lot of inspired reading materials, while others get lots of fun and challenging real-world “homework” (go to the event that will connect you with the perfect person, or go buy paints and canvas and then ::gasp:: PAINT). More often than not, you’ll get both.

I expect commitment from my clients, and they can expect me to hold them accountable. We all need partners to keep us focused, and that’s what I offer the people I coach.

So what’s the process?

We start with a free Discovery session. This is a 30-minute talk on the phone, or by Skype/FaceTime. You get to ask me questions, and I’ll do the same. Yep, we check each other out, because we both need to be sure that we are a good fit for each other. I’ll be honest with you about the best course of action for you – and whether or not I believe that I can help you achieve your goals and make positive changes – and I’ll help you make choices that will empower you to take the next step.

At the end of the Discovery session, I’ll give you an in-depth questionnaire. The questions  will help you to really look at your life and clarify your exact goals and expectations, and your answers will give me lots of valuable information so that we can make the most of our first session together. You will return the questionnaire to me prior to your first appointment, I’ll review it thoroughly and be ready to jump in with you from Minute One of your session.

Your Intro session will take two hours. This is where we lay the groundwork for all of the sessions to come. This is a real roll-up-your-sleeves-and-dig-in session. Wear comfy clothes. I’ll make tea. We’re going to dive deep and make some meaningful decisions. You will leave the session with a lot more clarity and inspiration.

After your Intro session, we will meet weekly, with a minimum 3-month commitment. Why 3 months? It takes time to change habits (which includes how we think and process) and to achieve measurable change. Some weeks will feel easy, and some will be a serious uphill slog. It’s about showing up every day, every week, to do the work. I will be right there with you. Make the commitment to yourself, and you will see real, positive changes in your life and movement toward achieving everything you hope to experience as you come to the coaching process.  

At the 3-month mark, we will sit down together to assess where you are with your goals, and to decide your next course of action. Do you continue coaching to continue breaking through blocks, or do you take a break to implement the changes that you’ve made during your coaching process? You will know the right path for YOU, and I’ll be there to support you in your decision.

We will have a closing session at the end of your coaching journey. Whether that’s in three months, or three years, we will review everything that you’ve achieved and make sure that you have actionable plans that will get you to your goals. Then we will shake our bootys and lift a glass (tea or champagne – whatever feels good) to celebrate your hard work and achievements!


Other Services

21st Century Priestess Training

Full details coming in mid-May 2018!


Open to Accountability Coaching Program

Maybe you’re already done the work to dive deep into the reasons you’ve been “stuck” in the past during traditional coaching sessions, and you’re ready to take the next big steps to make your goals and dreams a living reality.

Maybe you’ve always known exactly what you want to do, and you know exactly what stops you from getting started with your dream project, but you just can’t get going with it.

My friend, now is the time for an Accountability Partner.

You need someone to listen to your ideas, and help you make a real plan with measurable, attainable mini-goals that will move you steadily toward the proverbial finish line with that project or dream.

Someone who will check in, ask for proof of your work, and walk you through the process when you feel like you’re stuck, or when you want to give up.

Someone who is invested in your goal and wants to see you succeed.

Someone who will hold you accountable to the promises that you made to yourself.

So who is Open to Accountability Coaching for?
* People with a firm goal in mind. If you know what you want to accomplish, and maybe even have a deadline, but you have no idea where to start and how to plan your goal route, Accountability Coaching is PERFECT for you. We will go step-by-step through the process, consistently moving you toward your goal.

* Procrastinators. If you’ve been putting your goals off until Someday, here’s your wake-up call. TODAY is the only Someday you’re guaranteed. It’s time to get up and actually DO something with your dreams.

* You’re on a deadline. There’s no doubt about it, Accountability throughout a process, and not just the knowledge of a looming deadline, makes the task at hand easier because you’ll be more focused, with a firm plan. That focus can even lead to finishing BEFORE the deadline. Now, wouldn’t that feel better than racing to get it done just in time?

* Graduates of my Elemental Life Coaching program. If we’ve done the deep work together, and you have a new goal, or want to continue working on a goal that we tackled together during your regular sessions, and you want the benefit of Accountability and feedback as you move forward, this is for YOU.


So what do you get with Open to Accountability Coaching?
* One monthly 30-minute phone or Skype session to plan the next four weeks of action. At the end of the call, you’ll have an Action Plan that details the goal-posts for the month, and what steps to take to reach them.

* Weekly email check-ins. Each week, you’ll send me a Progress Report, with details about what you’ve accomplished that week. I will reply with tips on how to make things easier, run more smoothly, resources you may not have considered, or to give you a “Heck yeah! Great job! Keep going!” We will go over your metrics – what you have accomplished, and compare it to our Action Plan. We will make sure that you’re on target, ready to meet the challenges of the next week.

* Once weekly text exchange. Consider this your friendly “So, how’s it going?” When you need a nudge, or a cheerleading moment, or a bit of help figuring out a snarly bit in your weekly plan, you can either reach out to me via text or FB Messenger.


You Probably Have Some Questions.
Let me go ahead and answer the most common ones.

* What kind of goals do you help people achieve?
I’ve helped entrepreneurs launch new businesses or plan for retirement. I often work with Creatives, to plan their next book or to prepare for art shows. I help clients who are overwhelmed by their schedules, their STUFF, their plans, who just need someone to sit them down to help prioritize everything in their lives. I help adult students stay on track (whether you’re formally being educated, or you’re a life-long learner like me, who wants to be more focused in a particular course of study.)* I help people with major life moves – across the world, from one career path to another. I help clients figure out the big stuff by working out the minute details. I help move overwhelm and feeling stuck, so that you can go do what you’ve been dreaming of doing.

How long will it take for me to reach my goal?
Well, that of course depends on YOU and your goal, but, on average, I will work with a client on a specific, measured project for a minimum of three months.

* Does this mean that you’re not going to be offering in-depth coaching anymore?
On the contrary! I will still welcome clients for the life-shifting, Soul-deep coaching that I’ve always offered. Accountability Coaching is a natural extension of that service. The full-life coaching process isn’t the appropriate course for everyone, every time, but if you’re breathing and you have a specific goal, Open to Accountability Coaching is built for you.

* Do you have testimonials?
Absolutely! Here’s one of my favorites:

“I sought out your help because I was in a place in my life that had many forks in the road with choices to make and act upon and I needed help in choosing those directions. Although I thought of counseling, I really did not need it. What I needed was a professional who could help me through the process of making decisions that would take me onto the next journey of my life, successfully with positive energy and happiness.
You not only helped me identify the obstacles and conquer challenges, you gave me the skills and tools I desperately needed that guided me to find the answers. You helped me find my core strengths and weaknesses and focus on my self worth to move forward. Your knowledge of this field along with your expertise in bringing other added concepts into my life helped me transition into a world of “goodness”, “enlightenment” and “empowerment”. I will forever be grateful to you Sarah. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
– Kathie Livingston, Successful Entrepreneur, Naturalist, and Musician from Awendaw, SC

* How do we get started?
I’ll send you a Goal Assessment Form, free of charge. When you return the form, I’ll review it to see if Open to Accountability Coaching is the right fit for you. If it is, we’ll set up your first monthly call and jump right in!

* Is there a guarantee?
While I am your mentor, guide, coach, and sometimes ass-kicker, YOU are doing the work. Your success is up to you, but I’ll be right there, giving you all kinds of motivation to keep you going.

Reiki Sessions 

An Elemental Reiki Session is designed to be relaxing, and works well in conjunction with Life Coaching sessions, or at the beginning or end of a workshop or retreat. Reiki recipients often feel emotional and psychological clarity after a session, and are then more able to tap into positive energy and core inspiration in order to reach their goals.

Elemental Reiki Sessions may include aromatherapy and gem therapy, at the client’s request. The session will include time to set an intention for the treatment, followed by approximately 40 minutes of Reiki therapy and a time of reflection and light coaching, if desired.

Are you ready to get started? Email me at to set up your Discovery session.
Effective November 18, 2015, a minimum 48 hours notice must be received in order to re-schedule or cancel an appointment. Appointments cancelled within 48 hours of the session time will result in a full session fee, which will be required before another appointment can be made.

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